You know what?

I was excited to see Donald do his stuff on stage, as were over 6,000 attendees. They’d been waiting for 3 days in fact for this one moment.

But can I be really honest here?

People have been asking me for my opinion on this for a few days, and I have to be truthful:

I have good news and I have bad news.

The bad news is…

I didn’t learn a single thing.

And yet I soooo wanted it to be the opposite.

Donald Trump spoke for 90 minutes.

Unfortunately there was very little value in what he said. It was a ramble. Pure and simple – one story blended into the next, and even then the stories weren’t that good.

In fact, I thought it may have just been me who felt this. Maybe I’d missed the point. Maybe I was too tired to appreciate it.

But I spoke to 11 different people after the event – and these folks are friends of mine, so I respect their opinion.

Guess what?

They all felt the same.

While he seemed like an inspiring guy who’d obviously accrued massive wealth, his presentation was at the best… really average.

And I have to tell you, I rarely say that about anyone.

The thing is too, I could feel that he has some real worth inside. You don’t become that successful without having some extra knowledge and wisdom under your belt.

At least more wisdom than “if you don’t love what you do, do something else.”

So unfortunately it was a big shame. And I sincerely wish it had been different.

Now, was he entertaining? Yes! Did he have presence? Yes!

And for that, it was worth seeing him do his stuff. The guy is super confident.

You rarely meet someone with as much confidence as this. It literally oozes from his pores. He even has a swagger to his walk. This dude is definitely very centred and composed.

But would you like to know where I got some real value?

After the event I was invited behind the scenes where Donald answered questions from a small crowd of VIPs. And that’s where it suddenly got better… much better.

Hearing him answer questions on the fly was much better than a canned presentation. So my tip would be for him to do more of this in the future (just in case you’re reading this Donald ;-).

His personality came out… he joked with the audience… and now you had an impression of Donald Trump as a real guy. He gave away some gems too.

I even got a photograph with him. Cool. I appreciate it very much and I’ll treasure it. It was an honour to meet such a business legend. Respect.

And if you were at the event and have a different opinion to mine then feel free to add it below.

But can I tell you someone who I thought was just brilliant when it came to delivering value in this keynote spot at a huge seminar/event?

It was this time last year, when I saw Richard Branson. I’d spoke at the event earlier that day. The audience was jumping out of their skin to see and hear him.

And get this, what the audience didn’t know was that Richard was sick. He was blocked up with a big-time cold, and his energy was way down.


It didn’t make any difference. When you have something brilliant to offer, it doesn’t matter if you’re a bit under the weather – the genius just shines through.

Like Donald, Richard too spoke for 90 minutes. But this time the gems were just pouring out. And the audience would erupt whenever he did so, as if to thank him for dropping another killer idea or guiding belief.

Now, if you were not at that event in Sydney last year, then you missed out.

However, would you like to have been there?

What if I could give you a second chance to see Richard Branson and experience what I did?

You’re in luck. In just a few short weeks time I’m speaking again at the same event as Richard Branson in Melbourne, Australia. And you can be there too. FRIDAY OCTOBER 21 AND SATURDAY OCTOBER 22.

If you click on the link below you can grab yourself a ticket. But you’d better be fast.

Hearing the wisdom of the one of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs truly can create a magic moment in your life.

But you can’t just read it in a book or listen to something on your ipod and achieve the same result.

You have to see someone like this in person in order to pick up the full presence and specialness (is that even a word?) of the occasion. This is what has impact on you and stays in your mind as a lightbulb moment.

So do yourself a favour – if you have to fly to get there, do it.

If you have to drive a few hours, do it.

But truly, give yourself an early Christmas gift and come to see Richard Branson at the event below in Melbourne.

Here’s another reason why you should attend…

Look, in case you haven’t heard, the economy is about to get smashed.

Housing prices are about to fall (yes, right here in Australia). And for the next 5 years, everyone is in for a harder time that we’ve seen for a very long time. Less jobs. Higher prices – you name it.

So how are you going to respond when this happens?

Are you going to do what you’ve always done? If so, then you’re playing a new game with old strategies. Meaning, how you survived in the past will be a sure path to failure this time around.

THAT’S WHY you want to get the edge from people like Richard Branson, who is light years ahead of most people. He sees things you never will.

And yes, you might just learn some cool new stuff from me too 😉

Anyway, click the link below and secure your spot. You don’t get to spend time with serious players like Richard Branson every day. So make this one day, YOUR day.


I hope to see you there.



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