This is the stage at World Internet Summit SINGPORE – over 700 people crazy to learn about the internet. This is the 2nd time we’ve held our event in Singapore. It’s a great market, with sooooo many people wanting to learn the secrets myself and my fellow experts have to share

World Internet Summit Singapore Stage

And here are two of our experts – Daryl and Andrew Grant from Australia … with myself and my business partner Tom Hua.

The great thing is that when you become an expert in anything in life, you get the chance to do amazing things … like speak internationallyy. This was Andrew and Daryl’s first time and they loved and learnt so much.
Brett McFall with Daryl & Andrew Grant and Tom Hua

World Internet Summit is very exciting … especially after 4 days intensive internet training … as you can see:
The very excited crowd at World Internet Summit Singapore

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