Well yesterday was incredible. We had a great start going through the basics of internet marketing – we call it “Newbies Day.”

We also selected a winner from the audience for our “Internet Challenge.” Goodness the audience was excited. And just in case you don’t know, the winner of the “Internet Challenge” is the person who we’re creating a product for … and a website – and then marketing it over the course of this weekend.

Here he is – Nate Bunger.

Brett McFall, Nate Bunger and Tom Hua

Wanna see what happened?

Plus would you like to find out HOW you can watch World Internet Summit USA LIVE on your computer?

Yes, it’s true! You can join me … and the whole crowd … at the seminar LIVE over the internet. We’re videocasting it right now. What’s even better is that we’re archiving it too, which means you can watch it later on too as many times as you wish!

So think about this… if you would have loved to have been here to soak up the incredible info we’re releasing … to listen to the experts like Rich Schedfren and Rick Raddatz … to discover the brand new secrets for marketing online – BUT YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT?

Well here’s your 2nd chance. You can tune in within the next 5 minutes if you want to and be here with us enjoying the info.

Here’s what to do – just click on this link right now:


Come on… don’t dilly dally… see how you can “be” here right now.


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