Hey there… been away for a break. Disneyland if you must know. So good.

Been there 5 times i think… and I still enjoy it. But this time I had my nephews there as well to go on rides with … so that made it extra fun. Would you believe “Space Mountain” is over 30 years old yet it’s still one of the best?  Strange, but true.

In fact, here’s a photo with one of the locals…

Brett McFall and Minnie Mouse

Actually, it was great to shut off for 2 whole weeks. My goodness, even when you’re an internet marketer and doing what you want when you want, you can still fall prey to thinking about business ALL the time.

But working on which ride to go on next was my only challenge. Hope you too take the time out you need to refresh your mind. It’s as important as business itself.

Here’s a the baseball- lurrrrrrrve the hotdogs.  (Texas Vs Anaheim)

 brett mcfall at the baseball

Oh and here are two of my “angel” nephews with their Nanna at the game.

My mum with her


This weekend I’m back into the swing of things. I’m speaking at this event:


It’s a total internet event (no other wealth creation methods, just internet) – should be great. Stephen Pierce will be there… Mike FilsaimeEd DaleTom HuaKirt Christensen. And the bonuses are incredible – a whole ready-made-product for instance. For just $97 it’s a steal.

Anyway, I got such great feedback from letting you come behinds the scenes of World Internet Summit in the USA recently, I’ll be doing something similar THIS weekend.

Now, it’s not my gig okay, so I won’t have full access. But I’ll take my video along and see what I can show you to let you see why it’s so important that you attend events like these. Okay? Should be fun.

Anything you’d like me to record? Leave your feedback and I’ll see what I can do for you!  (no requests to strip naked adn run through the audience etc please) ;-) 


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