Hey there,

Latest news is that my $29.95 book that I put on eBay last week SOLD on Saturday night for a whopping $8,105.00.

Who to? Mrs Dianne Humes of East Brisbane. Congatulations! Dianne is now in store for a full day consultation with me on Wednesday.

I rang her this morning and she’s super excited. You know, I was prepared to have to sail to the Arctic if I had to, as I promised to deliver the book to the final bidder no matter where they lived.

Well lucky for me, Brisbane is just an hour away! Who’d have thought huh?

Can you tell me how I was able to get such a high price for a $29.95 book when most authors struggle to sell their book at all, let alone at the price they want?

Actually very simple:

  • I didn’t sell the book at all. I sold the bonuses instead
  • This is how you compete with everyone else selling a book. You don’t! Your turn your book into a ‘magic key.’

    In case you’ve missed the letter which actually sold the book on ebay, here it is:

    Gladly, the Australian Lung Foundation is walking away with a big fat cheque.

    And if you want your own copy of the book, grab it here at a sensible price!


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