Well… there are always people thinking that the sales figures you hear people making on the internet is a load of “B.S.” Maybe you’ve even thought this yourself.

So it’s always good when someone who is not a known “expert” is prepared to back up the figures.

Best of all, Frank Bauer was once an attendee in our audience. In fact, he’s been to our event “World Internet Summit” on 5 separate occasions.

And through nothing but the right information and his own ‘never give up’ attitude, he’s now living the life of his dreams on the internet. He was not paid for this story, nor asked to do it. Frank approached us with his success story in gratitude and we’re proud to share with it with you.

Congratulations Frank Bauer – the German-Aussie. You deserve every success you’ve had because you saw the dream and dared to go after it.

Check his story out here:

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Brett McFall

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