So…. what is it about your business… your product … or your service that is DIFFERENT?

Why should I do business with you?

Can you answer that question? Can you really?

And don’t answer with “better service” … “better value” … or “better quality.” EVERY business should provide this.

What you need to do … IF … you want to charge the appropriate price for your product or service, is find 1 strong reason why doing business with you is a MUST.

Often in seminar I’ll spend 10 minutes with an audience member just going deeper and deeper into WHY anyone should do business with them. Why so long? Because the first answer they provide is always WRONG.

So it takes a few minutes to get the REAL benefit … the REAL value, that they offer.

Finding this UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION truly can be the overnight secret that massively increases your sales. When will you use it?

Enjoy and profit,

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