This week I worked with a very special person.

To put it in perspective…

He was THE major reason behind me being able to take myself from a crappy-paid 9-to-5 job in an advertising agency (wondering how I could possibly find a better way to live) to having $10,000-$15,000 deposited into my bank account every week by people desperate to work with me.

Can you imagine that? For 10 years I tried to get ahead. But the basic wage didn’t present any advantages (maybe you know how that feels, right?). Just limitations. Then I discovered what this man had to say, and BOOOOOOOM….. everything switched!

Suddenly …

I was able to:

  • massively change my direction;
  • dramatically improve the response I got from my clients’ advertising;
  • and command ridiculous amounts of money for the same thing I’d been paid pittance to do for 10 years.

What a revelation it was when I discovered his views. I remember just reading and reading EVERY single word that this man wrote.

My mind came alive with ideas that I’d never had before. I truly don’t know if I’d be as powerful a writer today, if it hadn’t been for stumbling upon this true genius.

Do you know who it is?

jay_abraham_brett_mcfallIt’s JAY ABRAHAM. Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t. But you need to. And about 4 weeks ago I finally met him in person. 8 years after he changed my working life, and ulimately every other part of it by default too.

What a thrill it was to meet him in person. I knew someday it would happen (not sure how or where, just that it would occur). And to sit down and have a 3 hour meeting with him was quite extraordinary.

I imagine it’s like basketball player meeting Michael Jordon … or a gold player meeting Tiger Woods.

Here was the guy who gets paid $50,000 a day to consult… whose courses I had sat and read in my bedroom for hours on end … and there’s me, chatting with him for 3 hours about of all things, marketing.

What’s more, he had just spoken at MY seminar too!

But it gets better…

Now I’m not sure if already know this, but I no longer write for clients any more. I do consult occasionally. But not copywrite.

However this week I did write… for Jay Abraham. And guess what? 18 years into my career… the amazing man is still teaching me new things!

There he was reading through my copy and picking up things I hadn’t even thought of.  Doh! Changes. Additions. New ways of looking at it.

As if I was a beginner! I loved it.

See, to me, you can never know enough about writing ads. There’s so many nuances to writing a “killer” piece of copy, that you can always improve. I’m constantly listening out for new views on it from the experts I’m around.

That’s why I wanted to share something with you that I got from Jay which I hope helps you as much as it did me.

See I had written a sales letter that was actually pretty hot. In fact, it has been proven to pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars every time we put it out to the public.

But one thing Jay said, which I want to pass on to you is…


The “difference” is the key. 

And in seminar when I’m teaching people, I make sure I ram this point down people’s throats. I call it “the one THING that makes you KING.”

Yet here I was still not doing it effectively! And if I’M not doing it, is there a chance that you aren’t as well?

See it’s more than just saying you’re different. It’s about saying it 5 or 6 different ways. All proving the ONE POINT. But saying it different ways.

Does that make sense?

In my copy I had something like … “These experts are simply the best at what they do.”

Which makes the point that they are different from the rest. After all, they’re the “BEST.” But see, that’s not enough.

It’s not enough to make these statements without backing them up.

So Jay made me go deeper and got me to clarify what “BEST” means to me.

Because “best” in somone’s book could mean QUALITY. But in someone else’s, it could mean CHEAP. Depends on their values. Also depends on how many other people are claiming their the “best” also, right?

So can you see how you can’t rely on people to interpret your copy and appreciate the value you’re trying to convey?

With the help of Jay I went deeper and deeper about what I meant when I claimed the experts I was writing about, were the “best.”

And not just about WHY they were the best in their industry etc. But about what the criteria was in MY books for claiming anyone as the ‘best’ in the first place … and then showing how the experts I was writing about fitted this criteria.

Can you see the ‘edge’ in that?

You set up the standard, and then show how you or your product meets it.


If you’re saying you … or your product … or your serivce is better than anyone else’s, and you want people to take action based on what you write, then be prepared to tell them what “better” means in the first place.

Does it mean that you’re QUICKER at what you do?

Does it mean that you’re MORE THOROUGH than anyone else? And if so, how?


See what I mean?

Virtually no-one does this. And there I was being guilty of it too.

When I know for a fact that you can literally clean up your competition by just going further in your explanation of WHY someone should use you or your product. Tell them all the reasons why they’ll BENEFIT because of you and you alone.

What’s more, your words become so much more compelling to read.

Create an argument for yourself. DO THIS – Pretend you’re in court and that you’ll be dragged off to gaol if you can’t convince your prospect WHY you’re different and WHY they must use you instead of anyone else.

Can you do this?

This sounds like such a simple concept, doesn’t it? But it’s not, wait till you try it. And that’s why so few do it. But as I re-learned this week, the difference it can make to your words is astounding. 

And the difference to your sales? Well that could be the biggest WIN of all.

And by the way, if you hate “hypey” copy. Then this a solution for that too. Because hype is nothing more than pure generalities wrapped up in nice sounding words.

Forcing yourself to get clear on the reasons WHY you’re different, makes you write compelling copy that has folks saying to themselves…

“That just makes sense!”

And isn’t this what we all want?

Hope this little tip means as much to you as it does to me. You can’t afford to ignore it. Follow it and it could literally make you tens of thousands of dollars at the very least.


No matter what it is you sell, go DEEPER and DEEPER into your selling points. Look at them and justify them. Justify them from YOUR point of view … from your customers’ point of view … tell them what they REALLY mean … boldy share that …


Thanks for kicking my butt Jay.

Oh, and if you can, get something by Jay. You’ll be thanking you lucky stars for years to come.

Enjoy and profit…

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