Well it’s heating up now.  The World Internet Summit crew has arrived. The speakers too. The event room is ready. Which means … I guess we should probably put this seminar on after all, right?  😉

Took my little hand held camera with me today to show you some things. Here’s the first video – a brief interview with Michael McCoy (our sound recordist – he’s the guy that makes the CDs of WIS possible), and James Redmond (our camera man who puts the whole event on DVD).

Oh and guess what… a little secret … we’ll be taking the video that James takes of World Internet Summit USA and broadcasting it LIVE over the internet the WHOLE weekend! Yep, if you really wanted to be here, now you can – you’ll be able to watch every second LIVE.

And then watch it over and over again in our archives files! More about this later on today.


And here’s the 2nd video. This time… for the first time ever … we have a professional MC to host World Internet Summit. See, usually, we would host it ourselves. But to pull back on the workload a bit …and to let a professional do what they’re best at, we’re testing out an MC.

His name is Scott Friedman. Tom and I met Scott in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year when we were all speaking at the National Achiever’s Congress. He’s a funny guy and our audience have a real treat ahead of them.

Meet Scott now…

Talk VERY soon – if you’ve liked the posts so far, you’re going to love watching the event unfold over the coming days.


P.S. Thanks for all the great comments! So glad you’re enjoying it. Goodness, even had speakers come up to me today and say how they’re enjoying watching every day unfold too.

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