For 50 hours we went LIVE on the internet with an offer that people couldn’t refuse (lesson 1).

Then we used social media marketing strategies to let the world know about it – which means, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and more (lesson 2).

The result?  Over 1500 people took advantage of the offer in just 50 hours.

So in a little over 2 days we built a business from scratch and showed the audience every single step.

Then we gave it an audience member. Her name?  Deb McNamara from Australia.

Deb absolutely loves the internet and couldn’t stop herself from shaking as she accepted the prize. Her next question was, “Wow… what do I do first with all these people!”

We helped her out and she’s now on her way to adding value to their lives Because if you want to have a long term business, you have to understand your customers and show them that you know what they want (lesson 3).

Deb is committed to having these people as long term customers and already has her plan for adding value and doing it profitably too.

Congratulations Deb!

(L to R: Tom Hua, Mili Ponce <challenge chief>, Deb McNamara, Paul O’Mahoney <challenge chief>, Brett McFall)

Remember, this sort of exciting experience doesn’t happen if you’re sitting at home. For the only seminar that proves what they say is true, be sure to attend a World Internet Summit sometime soon.


Brett McFall