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According to a new report titled “Airtasker Future of Work Research Monitor January 2015,” (conducted by Pureprofile) 43.5% of working Australians say they are either “likely” or “very likely” to look for a new job in 2015.

That’s almost half the working population thinking that finding a new job is the answer.

I know it’s common to think that if you can just get a better paying job, then things will be much easier for you. More money to pay the bills, buy things, save for a holiday etc.

But is it really the answer?

Why you’re screwed if you’re baby boomer… and what to do it about it now.My question is this: Is a wage, no matter how high, ever going to give you the freedom you really want?

Freedom to go where you want? Do what you want? Buy what you want?

Is making an extra $50 a week going to dramatically change your life?

For most people, this would be a nice increase. But if you think about it, an extra $50 a week won’t suddenly allow you to live the life of a millionaire, right?

You’ll still have the same bills, the same mortgage, the same rent, but with just an extra few bucks to help pay down those debts or to save for other things.

Either way, you’re still working to keep your head above water.

You’re still required to show up every day.

You’re still required to take on the stress of the job.

You’re still required to meet budgets.

You’re still required to justify your position in the company, and more.

So is a higher paying job really the answer?

No, and here’s why…

Let’s say you’re on $50,000 a year right now and somehow you are able to pull off the move of the century and get paid $100,000 a year. Which means, double your current wage.

Would your problems be solved?

No, right?

It’s sure going to be a bit easier to pay the bills, but will it give you complete freedom?

Will you’re still have to show up every day? Yes.

Will you still have to take on the stress of the job? Yes.

Will you still be required to meet budgets? Yes.

Will you still have to justify your position? Yes.

And won’t a $100,000 job demand more of your time than a $50,000 one?

So then, you’re getting paid more, but losing time. Time that used to simply be yours to do what you wanted.

When you’re employed, there’s just no way you can get paid more, and have even more time to yourself. You’ll have less time, guaranteed. And time is the most precious commodity of all.

Do you think your employer is ever going to say:

“You know what? We’ve been thinking about it, and we believe that you deserve a share of the company’s profits – here’s a cheque for $500,000.”

brett mcfallNever going to happen, right?

Yet we know that you in some way help your employer to make the tens of thousands, the hundreds of thousands, the millions of dollars in profits that they generate

But see that’s the difference – companies make these sort of profits, employees don’t.

Companies make the big money. Employees make much smaller money.

And the thing about a company is, all the employees do the grunt work. The company owner doesn’t do the work. The employees do.

It’s why a better paying job is the biggest mistake you could ever make.

The more your employer pays you, the harder it is to leave.

The more you get paid, the longer you’ll spend in a job.

Which means the longer you’ll spend devoting your time to building someone else’s dream, not yours.

Is this what you want?

I don’t have employees. I have team members who run their own businesses and can choose how they complete the tasks they do for me. I then help them grow their business too.

In fact, many Australians are now realising that they can earn money from home and use the brilliance of the internet to turn an idea or a product or a service into money in the bank.


If not, then what can you do about it?


Here are 7 ways to tell your boss to shove it.


1) The first thing to realise that a higher paying job is not the answer to your money problems.

In fact, a job is not the answer in general (unless it’s training you how to start your own business).

As an employee you will only ever get paid a fraction of what your employer earns. That’s because it’s their job to keep their costs as low as possible. This allows them to stay in business.

So you will never get paid the money you want to get paid. Period.

2) Start your own business.

It’s the only way you have a chance of making an income that allows you to achieve complete freedom. Business owners get rich, employees pay the bills.

Maybe you don’t think you are business minded. Well guess what? You’re already in business!.

Right now you’re in the business of selling your time to your employer. That’s your business. The problem with your business is, it’s a terrible business model.

1) You work for an hourly rate, which means your income is limited to how many hours you can work.

2) You’re not in charge of your time.

3) And you can lose your job anytime your employer decides.

But perhaps you think that starting your own official business is too risky.

So then take the risk out of it by starting one while you’re employed. I did this myself and saved my yearly wage from the side business, so that I could leave without any stress.

It meant that even if I didn’t make a single cent more over the coming year, I’d still be able to pay the bills. Basically I had a year to get the business moving.

3) Don’t sell your time.

Selling your time is an awful idea. Time is the commodity that you want to get back most in your life right now. So don’t sell your time (e.g. a job) – sell products instead. You can sell as many products as you want, but time is precious and something you want to have more of in your life, not less.

4) Use the internet as your business tool.

It’s the cheapest place to fail. Instead of risking tens of thousands starting a business in the real world, risk only a few thousand to start one in the online world. But yet you can sell your product to people from all over the planet.

Brett McFall - LIVE on radioHere’s the data:

68% of Australians would like to use social platforms to make money in their spare time.


4% of Australians are already using these online platforms to earn some extra money (10% of those aged 25-34)

As reported on, former chef and now self-made handyman, Stuart Orth, from Sydney, is one of the most successful micro-entrepreneurs on Airtasker, having tripled his income to up to $3000 per week.

“Through Airtasker, I get instant validation of my work and flexibility in my working hours. As a chef, you do what the boss wants. It’s a very taxing and ungrateful profession. I wasn’t ever considering starting my own handyman business, but it just landed in my lap! Airtasker gave me the opportunity to do this.”

Dee from Melbourne quit her full time insurance job to use Airtasker as a sole source of employment, earning over $1,200 a week.

“I come from an insurance background having worked in that industry for 10 years. A lot of the time, I felt the companies I worked for didn’t have their client’s best interests at heart. Using Airtasker has had a phenomenal affect on me because I know I’m having an impact on people’s lives. I can see it on their faces through their smiles that I am helping them out.”


“It also means I have a huge amount of flexibility and control back in my life. I can do things when I want, go to the appointments I need to go to. It’s liberating.”

5) Turn your experience into an information product that others can learn from.

Take the asset of your experience and use it as a way to earn an income. Teach others what you know, but do it as a business.

6) Package your knowledge, your wisdom and your opinion into a product and sell it.

People from around the world will happily pay for a solution. So if you have knowledge, get it out there. I’ve generated over $10-million from marketing my knowledge.

It’s about giving generously and really helping people. That’s when the income starts to flow, as you TRULY help people with what you know.

7) Utilise others knowledge.

If you don’t have experience that you think is worthy, then get creative. Interview others who have knowledge that you believe is worthy, then sell that as a product and share the profits with that person.

Brett McFallI have a book on my desk right now called “Pregnancy Nutrition” – written by a student of mine with no experience in that field. But she found someone who did have the experience and helped turn their knowledge into a book.

Do you think there are many mothers out there who would like some advice on nutrition during their pregnancy?  And is this market a never-ending one?

Why not you too?

And above all else, don’t think that because you’re getting older that you are of lesser value. In fact, you’re worth more. While you’re bank account may not show it, you already know that deep inside you have what it takes to help others, and that you have immense value. This value will rise to the surface, if you too decide to let it.

That’s my view, what’s yours?

Brett McFall

Brett McFall is the founder of Online Marketing Centre, Australia’s first school of internet marketing. He’s the best-selling author of “How To Make Money While You Sleep,” and has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, and Tony Robbins. For a free report that reveals the 3 simple steps you can take to create your own online business, visit: