Why ‘branding’ is a waste and a complete con for small business

Don’t listen to anyone who says you need to work on your “brand” – here’s why…

Revealed in this edition of the Uncommon View:

  • What branding actually is (get ready for the truth now)
  • Why it’s a total waste of money for small business operators
  • What to do instead of worrying about branding


Until 2002 Brett worked at a soul-destroying $35,000-a-year office job.

Determined to find a career where he could make a difference, Brett learned and mastered some innovative marketing strategies.

These profound marketing secrets enabled him to produce millions of dollars for himself, and the clients that hired him, in just a staggering 24 months.

Today he takes a holiday somewhere in the world every 8 weeks (whether he needs to or not ;-), while his companies turn over in excess of $1,000,000 a year on virtual auto-pilot, allowing him to live a life of total freedom.

On 15 separate occasions he’s assisted in helping complete beginners make up to $50,000 in just 72 hours, with every step witnessed by a LIVE 300-strong audience.

Brett McFall is Australia’s expert at making online marketing easy and regularly teaches thousands of people how to do what he does.

He’s shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, and motivational guru, Jim Rohn.

His wealth of internet marketing knowledge has seen him featured on Australia’s highest rating current affairs TV program, “A Current Affair”, Channel 9 News, and as well as ABC radio.

Why branding is a waste for small business