Spoke at one of the biggest events of my career a few days ago  – the Ultimate Success Summit in Sydney. A 7,000 person event, it was very cool indeed.

Even cooler was speaking on the same stage as Tony Robbins and Richard Branson – two folks who I’ve looked up to for years for their business and motivational leadership.

It was a great event, as the audience was so pumped to be there. I’ve spoken at similar sized events before but the audience was totally cold and only half-interested. I can tell you it makes a BIG difference.

Here are some shots from the talk:

But perhaps the coolest part of all was getting to hang out briefly with Sir Richard.

What a lovely guy he was. He’d charmed the audience and received a standing ovation. Then out the back in the loading dock we got to shake hands and have a quick chat.

Anyway, from my point of view it was a real treat to meet such a major achiever. Someone we should all admire for his creations, his marketing and his personal grace too.

Here’s a shot or two of our meeting: