The 5 steps to creating a $100-a-week website – LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW


Two interesting points to note about this interview:


You’ll notice that the announcer, Clare Blake starts to get amazed at finding out that an online business can be started so easily. This is what happens to most people once I explain what can be done and how to do it. But to see a journalist get excited about it is very pleasing – they’re trained NOT to get excited about anything! 😉


Brett McFallA few minutes into the interview, listen as Clare’s old friend “Cynicism” makes an appearance, with a question that effectively means, “Brett if this is so good then why are you telling everybody?”

This is her protection mechanism kicking in, just as it does for most people. Why? Because what I’m describing and claiming in this interview sounds all “too good to be true.”

And what have we always been taught about anything that sounds too good to be true??  “It probably is,”right? But my question is, what if I AM right? What if it is as possible as I say?What is this limiting belief costing you? By instantly dismissing the possibility of it being true, don’t you automatically shut off any hope of trying my strategies out… and therefore failing before you’ve begun?


brett mcfall

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