On February 9th, 2010 I let you know about one of my students that I’m hugely proud of and in fact, a very big fan of too (you can find that post on this blog).

His name is Grant Nielsen.

Why am I a fan?

Because he came to the internet to find his dream lifestyle and he made it happen. Below are some new photos of his adventures in the far north of Queensland. As he always says, “I can make it happen out here in the bush, anyone can.”

Hi Brett

It was a hard decision, this morning…. catch another Barra or start learning Simple Speed! It’s not hard to work out which won, my friend 🙂

Joking aside… I arrived back up here 2 weeks ago, set up camp and back in business. I’m starting to get into Simple Speed in the next few days, so I’ll let you know how I’m going.

This morning’s Barra (of this size) are tag and release normally… they are the breeders, but this one was gill hooked! 98 cms… just not quite that magical 1 mt.

I’m getting 10/15 a day… but, most in the 70+ range.

Sunrise on the river is an unbelievable sight.

Enjoy your day!

P.S. Above you can see yesterday’s 8/10 ft Croc. slide, where it went back into the river…. directly under my camp.

I’m usually gone before daybreak, so the spotlight’s well up and down the bank before I head down 🙂

But, I’m 20+ foot up a near straight bank and nothing outruns a scared ‘Nielsen’ 🙂

Way to go Grant!

I look forward to hearing more.

Brett McFall