AUGUST 27, 2006 – Seminar promoters Jon Giann of Xpressowealth, and Phil Jones of Rich Mastery invited me to speak at their 2 day seminar, Financial Mastery in Auckland New Zealand.




And in fact I’ve just gotten off stage. Very nice crowd of 300 folks from a shares/real estate/business background. Tom Hua was there too… and Peter Sun, know him? He was one of my first inspirations when I first started out in my own copywriting business and when I first started creating my own information products.

Brett LIVE on stage in Auckland, New Zealand

Actually it was my first time speaking in New Zealand and I thought you might like to see what was going on.

Brett McFall with attendees

This photo (above) is with some special attendees who were invited to the after-seminar cocktails in the lobby of the Sky City GRAND Hotel. This is actually the part I enjoy the most – just relaxing and chatting with attendees in a quieter setting.

Brett McFall, Rick Otton and Peter Sun with some of the attendees of Financial Mastery, NZ

In this shot above are some of the other attendees invited to the cocktail hour, and 2 of other speakers also – Rick Otton and Peter Sun (the 2 guys in the front) – actually Rick Otton was one of my first clients when I started my copywriting business… he and his wife Jane were absolutely dream clients.


Brett McFall and Phil Jones (of Rich Mastery in New Zealand)


And here is the co-organiser of the event – Phil Jones of Rich Mastery. First time I’d really met Phil – nice guy and really knows his investing stuff too.

Back with more photos soon.