Divorced. Broke.
How I dug myself
out of a

By Brett McFall, the 90-Minute Marketer 

I was starting from scratch again.

I’d been on such a personal growth journey – reading every book I could find on self development and mindset, plus attending seminars and more – that I’d forgotten to ask my wife one thing:

“Do you want to change your life as much as I do?”

She didn’t.

But I found out too late.

After 6-years of marriage I was waking up to find that we had grown apart mentally first (because of how I was seeing the world differently than I use to), and then growing apart emotionally was a natural consequence.

I no longer wanted the same things as “we” once did.


The weight of that responsibility felt very heavy.

When I accepted it however, I knew that I had to move forward and turn things around. There was no “putting the genie back in the bottle” however. I couldn’t go back to life the way it was before.

So we split amicably. Of course, writing that we “split amicably” sounds easy. It wasn’t.


But now what was I going to do?

I had recently started my own copywriting business, where I was writing adverts and sales letters for clients. I had also started a seminar company training people in how to start their own online business.

So I threw myself in to those businesses.

One little secret I’d found out about on the way was a method of marketing that required less effort, less time, and yet produced amazing results.

For example, when I used this secret I made sales of as low as $5,000 in 90-minutes, up to $50,000.

This method involved no consulting, no sales team and no prospecting.

When I thought about the way forward, I knew this strategy had to form a big part of my plan.

What was the secret strategy?

Well it’s more like a concept, than a strategy.

Here is what I call, “the world’s most profitable sales tool”:

Most consultants and coaches like delivering their product or service.

The marketing however is something which they know is a necessity but not something they like to spend most of their time on.

I, on the other hand, loved the marketing. The marketing is something I had been trained to do since I was 18, when I worked in advertising as a copywriter.

So to me, creating marketing was easy.

The delivery however, seemed like it was a flawed system.

Especially if lifestyle means anything to you.

See, most coaches and consultants work one-to-one. And they can charge relatively high prices in order to do this for clients.

Which on the surface, looks pretty good. And certainly, better than getting paid a basic wage.

But what about the time constraints of working one-to-one?

Selling your time is never a good model.

Why? Because simply, we only have so many hours in the day, and only so many hours within those hours that we want to be doing the coaching.

So, it means limited income and freedom.

For me, the thing that has made a huge difference in the quality of life I experience and the level the income, is this:

Instead of working one-to-one, I work one-to-many.

I don’t consult with clients. Instead I have coaching programs which teach them what they need to know.

Even better, those coaching programs can be automated.

Which means I make a video to train a client, and I never teach that lesson again. The video is available for all my students to watch.  I can have as many customers as I like, and it never becomes a burden on my time.

A screen shot of one some of the videos that I have lined up for clients.

But here’s something else I learnt that has made a huge difference to my income

I not only deliver the coaching one-to-many, but I also sell one-to-many too.

And this is the secret that has made all the difference.

Most coaches, consultants, experts and salespeople do one-on-meetings to bring a new client on board.

But that’s not what I do.

I no longer compete for a client’s business, instead I teach.

Yes, I teach.

“What? How does that work?”, is what I here mostly from people who have been doing things the old way for years.

What I do is a presentation that teaches people how to do things themselves. And I mean, I really give away great content.

I teach things that helps the end consumer whether they decide to be coached by me or not.

As the saying goes, “the more you give, the more you receive.” And it’s true.

I never hold back. And this immediately fills a void in the market. It instantly creates a difference between myself and everyone else.

After I’ve presented really good information that I know my audience wants to know, I then transition by saying something like:

“Now if you liked what I taught you here, then you might also like a new coaching program called XYZ.”

And then I tell them about what’s in my coaching program. I could have up to 100 people watching my presentation at any one time.

Here’s the exciting part: Up to 21% of viewers end up investing in my program.

Which means, if there are 100 people on the call, and 21 people buy at $3,000, that’s $63,000. And it takes just 90-minutes to do the presentation.

Now the thing to remember is, I do this via webinars and seminars. Either way, it’s the same presentation.

If I do them via webinars, then I don’t have to leave home.
Occasionally I do seminars, where I’m away for maybe 1 or 2 nights.

But I do no prospecting, no sales calls, and very simple marketing – which means no complicated sales funnels, upsells or downsells.

I simply offer people a seat in my class.

I might call a class something like:

  • “3 Ways to Start Your Own Business From Home”

  • “The 3 Big Mistakes Most People Make When It Comes To Online Marketing.”

  • “How to WIN… Selling High-Ticket Products and Services”

Titles like this attract people out of the woodwork when you use Facebook to do posts or place ads.

Here’s an example of an advert that I run:

Then what happens is people are taken to my opt-in page that allows them to enter their email address in order to get access my class.

Remember, the class is actually a “class” – where I teach completely and do not hold back in any way.

This is one of my most proven tips – give until it hurts.

And it is something that I find most marketers give lip service to, but actually don’t follow through.

You’ve maybe even heard the phrase, “Teach them WHAT to do, but not HOW – this is what they’ll pay you for when you make your offer.”

I don’t like that at all. It’s sneaky and mean-spirited.

So stop selling, start teaching.

I sleep well at night knowing that I give as much as I can on my classes.


The results speak for themselves too – a 21% conversion rate is almost unheard of. I know this because of the seminar company I ran. I had most of the world’s best speakers in the area of internet marketing, talk on my stage.

So I know what the average conversion rates are. And they’re around 10%.

But I know how to double that and I’ll you here how to do it.

How to convert up to 21% of viewers into paying customers

So let me be very clear – selling your product or service one-to-one is a bad idea.

Selling one-to-many is a much better idea.

And that’s what I do for my own businesses that allows me to generate a minimum $10,000 a week without really breaking a sweat.

But how I get the high conversion rate is what I want to teach you most.

Firstly, you need to do a presentation. It can be via a webinar or a seminar. But 90-minutes is usually the time it takes to do an honest, value-adding presentation.

What I’m talking about is a clearly laid out, strategic presentation that allows you to build trust at a fast pace, and then present your full sales argument to an eager audience.

This doesn’t happen by chance. Since 2004 I’ve been fine-tuning and practicing my skills in this area in front of over 60,000 people.

I’ve also tried my system in 17 countries and in 5 languages.
Good news is, it works across all cultures and ages.

And I think it’s because the system of presentation I use is psychologically-sound. Which means, it hits “all the buttons” of a potential customer.

I’m the guy that while all the other speakers at a seminar were either in their hotel room, out to lunch or on their way back to the airport, I was sitting in the seminar room watching what each presenter was doing and saying.

Then I’d get to see how what they did and said converted into sales, or not.

I made literally hundreds of pages of notes over the years as I watched 90-minute presentation after presentation. I don’t think there’s a close I haven’t seen.

This gave me an unfair advantage. Why?

Because I was collecting data on how to present and how to sell.

Then I’d incorporate the things I was learning into my own presentation and test them. 

My conversion rates were not only going up, but my results were guaranteed.

Seminar promoters would invite me to speak because they knew that I was absolutely going to close the house down every time.

They knew that their audience would love the content.

And they also knew that a good percentage of that audience would want to join my coaching program. It was guaranteed to happen. I had become incredibly bankable.

The question you should be asking is: “How can I get those same results?”

And you can. You just need to follow the same process that I use.

Let me explain the 3 steps you need to take if you want a presentation that sells.

This is key.

Get this first part right and you’re on your way to big sales. That’s because most presentations and webinars are vague.

But if you can have one clear message, one clear promise, one clear reason to listen to your presentation, your audience will breathe a sigh of relief.

This means, when it comes to your presentation, what will your title be?

What is the single promise you are going to make in terms of what you are going to teach them in your presentation?

What is the main benefit they will walk away with?  It should fit into one of 4 categories:


  • Eg. The fastest way to invest for profit if you’re aged 40 or over


  • E.g. The 3 big mistakes most people make when it comes to…

  • NEW

  • E.g. Revealed: The new way to find inner peace in as little as 5-minutes


  • E.g. How to get the best result when it comes to… …without blowing your budget

In most cases, any students that I help with this are plagued with a problem – they have too many messages that they want to tell their audience.

So they’re afraid that if they focus on one message, then their other messages will be forgotten.

Here’s my view on that:

Your audience can find out everything about you, but at the right time. Which is usually after they become customers.

For now, we need to grab their attention and hold them close while we help them in one specific area only. And do it so well that nobody else can compete.

You need to decide which angle you are going to pursue. And then you make this the one core message of your presentation.

Here are a couple of examples of mine where I’m very clear on the message I give to my audience on the very first slide:

MESSAGE: How to WIN… Selling High-Ticket Products & Services

MESSAGE: 5 Steps To A Profitable Internet Business

Your goal should be to make that headline have impact.

The more specific you make it, the better.

After you have made a clear promise of how you are going to help them, you then need to deliver on this promise.

And this is what most presenters DO NOT do. They just don’t take this seriously enough. When you promise something, you must deliver on that promise and then some.

Anything less, will massive decrease your credibility with your audience.

“A Town Called Paradise”

In order for people to be interested in what you are teaching, there must be a problem that they want to solve. If there’s no problem, then there’s no need for them to be there. And therefore, no need for you.

If there’s no void, there’s no need.

What you need to do is take your audience on a journey from where they are to where they want to be.

And I call where they are, Hell.

Meaning that this is where they do not want to be. It’s a place where:

  • Life is hard

  • Nothing makes sense

  • The weather’s bad

  • It’s uncomfortable

But where they’d rather be is a place that I call, Paradise.

  • It’s lovely there

  • Beautiful breezes

  • Life is good

  • Weather is fantastic

  • It’s fun and

  • Nobody ever wants to leave.

So they’re in Hell, and want to get to Paradise.

And of course, both can be described differently depending on your market. But I’m sure you get the idea.

This is where you come in.

You are the guide who can take them to Paradise.

In between Hell and Paradise is a mountain.

This “mountain” is what is stopping them from achieving their end result.

It’s the barrier that faces them. It’s the reason why they’re not experiencing what they want in their lives. It’s why they cannot get there on their own.

So in your presentation, you’re going to guide them on their journey. You’re going to teach them things they need to know. You’re going to help them along.

And this is what so few marketers do.

Don’t be the person who is more focused on getting the sale. Be the one who cares enough to help your weary traveller get to Paradise.

So do this:

  • Show them what life would be life if they lived in “Paradise”

  • Show examples of what to do and how to get there

  • Give great tips and advice

  • Explain everything so easily that an 8-year old could understand (this is REALLY important)

  • Teach in nice and easy steps

  • Tell stories to illustrate your lessons

This is what gives your audience the passion to go on the journey and have you be the guide for them. The excitement this creates is real.

At this point – if you’ve truly given of yourself – most of your selling has already been done. Your audience is sold on you. And that’s a major milestone.

You have taken yourself out of the “just another presenter” pile, and put yourself in the “trusted adviser” pile (of which there are never many).

So when you suggest that it will be easier, faster and less expensive to go to Paradise if you hold their hand, most will agree that this idea makes obvious sense.

After all, you’ve helped them so much already, there’s no doubt your further help would help even more.

After you tell your audience about the opportunity you offer, I’ll let you in on the greatest thing you can do if you want lots of people to join you:

Take away the risk.

And I mean to completely remove any risk of joining you at all. Make it so easy to get out of your solution if they change their mind in any way.

Not only should it be easy to get out of the deal, but you must communicate how easy it will be before they decide to join you.

So saying that you have a 100% money back guarantee is what most marketers do.

But it’s not enough.

That’s the least you should be saying and giving.

What I do is tell them exactly what the guarantee really means for them.

For instance, I’ll say something like:

“What this means is that you can join my program today and experience everything I’ve promised you for the next 30-days. You can watch every video. You can listen to every audio. You can try every strategy. Click every button. You can use your personal coaching sessions with me too. And if after all that you feel that this program is not for you, then I demand you do something right away.

Just simply let my staff know with a simple, short email. We will then write back to you and thank you for your honesty. We will then apologise for not meeting your needs. And then we will refund every cent you’ve invested. And you know what else? We will part as friends. No hard feelings. No feeling uncomfortable.

We simply do not sleep well at night if a customer does not feel served by us. And in our company, you must win or win. Nobody loses. In fact, the next thing we will do is let you know that you can keep the entire program as a thank you gift from us. Or if you don’t want to keep it, then we will pick it up from you at our expense.

We simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our guarantee also means that you do not have to make a decision today. You can make it in 30-days time. Make the decision based on what you do know, instead of what you don’t. Let your partner share in the decision. And be sure that you and any other interested party are 100% happy to continue being served by my company.”

That is how you truly take away the risk.

This way, a higher percentage of your prospects will feel much safer in their decision, and this naturally leads to higher conversion rates on your offer.

If you’re going to offer a money-back guarantee, then you might as well leverage it to the hilt.

What else?

In short, your opportunity should have your main solution (your coaching program for instance), but also at least 6 bonuses for your audience as a thank you for making their decision right now.

Your offer needs to be as irresistible as it can. So make sure every part of your offer – bonuses included – answers as many of their objections or problems as possible.

If your program is a solution to a problem, then it only makes sense to buy from you.

Some ideas for bonuses are:

  • A personal Strategy Session to… (the end of the sentence would be something like e.g. help them get clear on the way forward)
  • A complete step-by-step system created for them personally to help them to…
  • Delivery on-time of XYZ service within XYZ days
  • XYZ construction technique
  • XYZ high-quality finish
  • Complete walk-around handover of the finished product
  • Lists and templates that make things easier when it comes to…
  • Videos that explain…
  • Audios that reveal…
  • A support email address for when they need help
  • Personal phone access to you
  • An evaluation-meeting after delivery
  • X-number of Coaching certificates valued at $XYZ
  • Software that helps them to…
  • A special report revealing how to…
  • LIVE webinars once a month to…


What sort of results can you expect?

Here’s happens over the course of 7-days in my business when I run webinars.

The above $23,982 in sales were made over 7-days from an automated webinar (which means I wasn’t running the class LIVE).

The above $23,449 in sales sales were also made over 7-days from an automated webinar.

The above 93,179 in sales were made over 1-month – again on a fully automated webinar.

And here are the results of 5 of my marketing campaigns when I do seminars instead of webinars. Most of this is also earned over 7-14 days at a time speaking in front of groups of between 50-100 people per day:


Now in case you are still wondering how to generate at least $10,000 a week working just 90-minutes, here are the steps again:

STEP 1 – Use a presentation to sell your product or service, and give more than anyone else – truly help your prospects so that they win or win

STEP 2 – Deliver your coaching one-to-many, not one-to-one

STEP 3 – Sell one-to-many, not one-to-one

STEP 4 – Promise just one clear message in your presentation

STEP 5 – Take people on a journey from where they are, to where they want to be (Paradise!)

STEP 6 – Show people the opportunity to go further with you and reverse the risk in the maddest, clearest way possible.

If you enjoyed this blog post, then all I can say is: Get off your butt and change what you’re currently doing!

Get some training in these methods. There is a big market waiting out there for someone to help them. It may as well be you.

And whatever you do, stop selling and start teaching. The sales will happen on virtual autopilot.


About the Author

Brett McFall - 90 Minute Marketer

Brett McFall is the founder of 90-Minute Marketer, his exclusive process helps business owners and coaches dramatically increase their sales through his proven 47-step presentation blueprint.

If you want to learn how you can create a 90-minute presentation for your product or service, then get on the class that Brett teaches called “The 90-Minute Marketer.” (It will blow your mind. I promise.)