"Brett, I can't wait to be trained in your "90-Minute Marketer" sales system, and also have my presentation created for me by your team, so I can sell more while doing less. I look forward to receiving the following:


$9,997 no more to pay


$1,997 down, and 3 monthly instalments of $2,997
(TOTAL: $10,988)

($997 Value)

The Induction

•How to work out your irresistible offer

•2-ways to sell a product before you’ve even created it

•Full step-by-step teaching on my 90-Minute Marketer presentation flowchart

($997 Value)

How to create your powerful MESSAGE

•Work out the “hook” that will drive your presentation and sales – do it LIVE in real-time

•How to control the focus of your audience so that they’re on-side with you from the very start

•How to gain instant credibility

•Discover your story and how to use it to make people want to work with you only

•How to get your audience 100% focused and excited about listening to every word you say

($997 Value)

How to take your audience on a JOURNEY

•Work out exactly how you are going to take your information and put it into a powerful, gripping and persuasive presentation

•The magical 3-step formula for teaching anyone, anything and having them love every second of it

•How to transition from teaching to selling, the easy non-offensive way

($997 Value)

How to present your OPPORTUNITY

•Work through the essentials of presenting your offer so that it’s ready to make you lots of sales

Discover the inside secrets to making people desperate to own what you’re offering

•Learn the secret psychological pathway that you must follow if you want maximum sales

($997 Value)

How To Market Your Presentation

•How to predict your income

•How to market using a virtually unlimited budget

•How to compound this into a million-dollar-a-year income

($997 Value)

90-Minute Mastery Powerpoint Presentation Template

•Over 15 years in the making, you now get to use the exact template Brett uses when he creates his million-dollar offers

Even better, you'll be able to learn HOW to create a presentation for yourself by actually doing it step by step

•You’ll also be able to use this template for creating as many presentations as you want in the future

•By the end of the training, you’ll be ready to submit your presentation with everything we need to help you

($9,997 Value)

Done-For-You Presentation

•After you completed the training above and completed the Powerpoint Presentation Template then it’s time for us to take all your answers and get to work and fine tune everything you've done

•Within around 10-days, your presentation will be back in your hands ready to go

•It will have all the essential elements that it needs

•It will follow every step of the 90-Minute Marketer proven formula and ready to educate and sell

($997 Value)

How To Automate Your Presentation

•Step-by-step how to do it using Everwebinar

•How to solve the problem of answering questions when you’re not there

•How to set up the ordering process… and more



You’re 100% protected. I want you to know that this is the smartest decision you'll make this year.

So take it for a test-drive for 7-days. Watch every pre-training lesson we have for you. 

If you’re not happy for any reason, get a full 100% refund and a thank you from me for trying it out.

What it REALLY means​

You don’t have to make a decision today.

You can make it in 7-days time AFTER you experience the first part of the training.​

Make the decision based on using my training, instead of wondering right now whether it’s for you.

"Brett, I'm ready to go, here's my order!"


$9,997 no more to pay


$1,997 down, and 3 monthly instalments of $2,997
(TOTAL: $10,988)

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