Hi Michael

I hope you're well.

The reason for this message is to open up a discussion about potentially working together.

The reason why is that I've spent the last 4 years creating a new business model in the area of coaching.

I've fine tuned the Model, the Marketing, and the Conversion, so that the same system I use to generate and coach clients can now be duplicated by experts in nearly any field.

But specifically those who want to coach online groups at between $3K and $10K per client.

It doesn't require a large sales funnel - just 3 steps, so the set up is quick.

It doesn't require loads of marketing sources - so the experts can focus on just 1 marketing system.

It doesn't require them to have an ascension model - the lowest price point is $3K.
They don't need to have a book as a lead generator - we do this in just a 45-minute specialised webinar

It doesn't require them to speak on stage ... or hire a sales team.

It reduces their working hours to 15-hours a week - and that's no matter how much they scale up. It's the same for 10 clients as it is for 100 clients or more.

In May last year I started teaching experts what I'm doing to generate around $25K/week, and the program is called "Fast Client Formula"


I have clients ready to sell within 6-weeks.

One client has generated $50K in the last 2 months, when she'd never done anything like that before - and she's in the kineisiology niche.

My clients are GP Doctors... Psychologists... Dentists... Real Estate experts... Therapists... Horse Trainers... Health Experts... FB ad specialists... Sales experts... Traders... and more. So lots of variety.

I have clients too in the USA and UK.

Which all means that there's a wide range of people using my system and it works across all niches.

So then the reason for contacting you is to look at marketing with scale.

The program sells for $8K, with 98% of people staying. 

I have a 90-minute presentation; and a day long presentation (this one does convert better of course). But the minimum is 11% conversion.

I'd be interested in exploring the idea if you agree there's any area of synergy.

Brett McFall

0414 944 065