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9am till 12pm

Brisbane - March 25

Sydney - March 26

Melbourne - March 27

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FROM: Brett McFall

Hi and congratulations.

I look forward to training you LIVE online at Fast Client Formula LIVESTREAM.

You'll watch from your home or office, and I'll be here in my studio teaching you.

Over just 3-HOURS I will show you the secret to generating $50,000 per month... working 2 days per week... and having clients on tap.

And you can me any questions you want too.


You'll learn step-by-step how I attract 10 high-ticket clients per month to my coaching business... working just 2-days per week (WITHOUT needing to do DAILY tweets, DAILY videos or DAILY posts of any kind)


You'll fill out my 4-page "Blueprint" so that you can apply what you learn IMMEDIATELY


If you don't think my 3-hour training is worth at least 50K to your business, I'll hand you $500 just for your trouble*


You'll receive my $197 Pre-Training before you even attend the event


You'll receive the videos of my LIVE in-person-

1-day training AND the presentation slides too

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Oh and be sure to download your Fast Client Formula BLUEPRINT HERE , and then I'll help you fill it in through the course of the training.

About your upcoming​
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LASTLY... I don't think we've been formally introduced...

Because we don't know each other yet, you might be wondering: "Who is Brett McFall anyway?"

Well I agree.  I like to know the people that I learn from too. 

So this video below quickly let's you find out about who I am... what I do... what I believe, and more. I was recently interviewed, and you might even get some grat marketing ideas too.

NOTE: The reason for the earphones is so that the interviewer and I can hear each other
(we're not listening to music while we're interviewing! :-)

Fast Client Formula LIVESTREAM

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