Fast Client Formula LIVE

Congratulations! You've just secured your spot
 for this special 1-day LIVE event

Wednesday August 14 - 9am till 3pm
Registration 8.30am

LIVE in Gold Coast

Mantra Broadbeach On The Park
2685 Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach


ONE BIG PROMISE: This 6-hour Coaching Session will be worth at least $50,000 to you,
and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $500 for your trouble.

FROM: Brett McFall

Hi and congratulations.

I look forward to meeting you in person at Fast Client Formula LIVE.

Over just 1-day I will show you the secret to generating $50,000 per month... working 2 days per week... and having clients on tap.

Which means you could change your business forever.

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Oh and be sure to pick up your Fast Client Formula BLUEPRINT when you arrive, and then I'll help you fill it in through the course of the training.

About your upcoming​
3-days of PRE-TRAINING

Special PRE-TRAINING Gift #1

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How this 1-day workshop helps:

​What does this event do for you?​

> Teaches you a simpler, more scalable model that doesn’t suck the life out of you

> Shows you how to do business on your terms

> No more sales funnels and low-ticket offers

> No more quiet periods in your business

> No more proposals

> The warm leads will come in on auto-pilot every week - so that you have predictability back in your business

> Shows you how to create a more powerful offer where clients chase you instead of you chasing them

Can you afford to miss this?

ONE BIG PROMISE: This day of training will be worth at least $50,000 to you,
and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $500 for your trouble.

LASTLY... I don't think we've been formally introduced...

Because we don't know each other yet, you might be wondering: "Who is Brett McFall anyway?"

Well I agree.  I like to know the people that I learn from too. 

So this video below quickly let's you find out about who I am... what I do... what I believe, and more. I was recently interviewed, and you might even get some grat marketing ideas too.

NOTE: The reason for the earphones is so that the interviewer and I can hear each other
(we're not listening to music while we're interviewing! :-)

Fast Client Formula LIVE

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