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Dear Friend,

Congratulations and thank you.

I'm very honoured that you are continuing in the program.

It makes very good financial sense to stay with me so I can help you achieve your business goals.

It means you're still going to get your marketing questions answered so that you can make the income you want…

You're still going to get my personal insights so that you can have the business you want…

You're still going to benefit from the “mastermind effect” of all the other members (where “together we grow stronger”)…

And you can still be trained again for 3-days at the Fast Client Experience and RE-discover all the things you’ve forgotten along the way….


You've been fast enough to take advantage of this offer so that I can give you something previous members paid $2,000/month to access…
BUT you've got it for FREE!

It’s called “Fast Client MASTERY”


It’s 4-months of special training that I created ONLY for Fast Client Formula members.

The success of your business – and your ability to generate $1-million-a-year - relies solely on your mastery of the sales and marketing process

And that’s what Fast Client Mastery shows you how to fix.

You get monthly lessons that give you the edge.

You get LIVE demonstrations of me doing "Appointments To Enrol"

You get "behind the scenes" access to all my numbers and how you can match them in your business.

And I show you how to ensure your business hits between $500,000-$1,000,000 per year.

Truly, it's like nothing you've ever seen before. And if you enjoyed my Fast Client Formula training, then you know the quality you can expect.

You'll now be able to access this training whenever you log-in to Fast Client Formula... Enjoy!

Once again, congratulations and welcome back.

Brett McFall

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