Your Fast Client Formula LIVE Support Access is coming to an end ☹

But what if there was a ridiculously good way 
to keep getting that LIVE help?

Dear Friend,

I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed having us on your “marketing team" since joining Fast Client Formula.

It’s been a privilege to have you on board.

But what if there was a ridiculously good way to keep getting help from the LIVE Q&A and the Facebook group?

A way where you could still get the help you need…

Still get your marketing questions answered so that you can make the income you want…

Still get the personal insights so that you can have the business you want…

A way where you could still get the benefit of the “mastermind effect” of all the other members (where “together we grow stronger”)…

And a way where you could still be trained for 3-days at the Fast Client Experience and RE-discover all the things you’ve forgotten along the way….


When you joined Fast Client Formula, you were promised 12-months of access to my program.

Well, as you are probably realising, I’ve given you much longer than that – and I hope that you’ve received great value from it – my goal is to always over-deliver to you.

Now firstly, your access to the 8-modules of Fast Client Formula training does not go away.  The reason why is that...

My commitment was that as long as you were still giving 100% to reach your goals, I’d allow you to keep access to my system until you were self-sufficient and made at least $25,000 in sales.

And so I’ll keep this open for you for a long time to come.

But unless you decide otherwise, you are about to cease having access to:

  • The weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with me (where you can ask me anything you want)
  • The Fast Client Formula FB group (where you can upload your marketing… statistics… problems and more for help), and
  • Any further Fast Client Experience 3-day events

Which all means, access to further support and help on your journey.

Now if you’re okay with losing this, then we’ll stop access in 14-days time. And we’ll wish you all the very best for the future - in fact, my goal was to make you independent anyway.

But if you still feel you’re not ready to “cut the apron strings” then you really don’t have to – especially if it makes a lot of financial sense to stay.

FIRSTLY… don’t worry, you won’t have to start paying my $2,500/hour consulting rate.

Instead, as an existing Fast Client Formula member, you can keep full access for much less than that.

The monthly fee to keep getting the help you want, is just $497/month (which means if I can help you make just 1 extra sale per month, then it’s a very smart decision).

But then I wondered something…

“How could I make this a much better deal for you?”

And, I’m a big believer in rewarding action… 

So if you believe you are a decisive person who keeps your eye on the big picture… on the outcome - then this month I’m allowing you to stay connected for a fee which even my team was shocked that I was offering.

Which means, instead of the regular $497/month charge, if you are ready to lock it in NOW ONLY

You can still have me on your team for NOT $497/month…

but INSTEAD just $997 for 12-months.

Yes, true! (That's like $83/month)

But I have to be very clear – THIS OFFER is open to you for a limited time.

If you PASS IT UP, it won't be available again to you.

Meaning, if I help you close just one extra sale… or improve your ad response by just 10-prospects/month… or save you wasting thousands of dollars on stuff that doesn’t work – THEN… this will have been a ridiculously good decision, yes?

And so if you’d like to take advantage of this, then click the link at the bottom of the page now to secure your spot.

You can stop at any time of course. So there’s no pressure there.

But if the offer below is gone by the time you click on it, I apologise - the only way forward will be at the regular $497/month (which is good, but $997 for 12-months access, keeps a lot more money in your pocket, right?).

And here's what makes this a real "no brainer" because…

If you take advantage of this offer right now, I’m going to give you something that previous members paid $2,000/month to access… BUT I’ll let you in for FREE!

It’s called “Fast Client MASTERY”


It’s 4-months of special training that I created ONLY for Fast Client Formula members.

And it focuses solely on the one barrier you’re going to have in reaching your business goals.

And no it’s not your “model”… it’s not your intelligence… it’s not your attitude… and it’s not your program.

It’s just one thing:

The success of your business – and your ability to generate $1-million-a-year - relies solely on your mastery of the sales and marketing process

And that’s what Fast Client Mastery shows you how to fix.

It works on the 6 ways to grow your business:

  • 1) Your mindset
  • 2) Your marketing ability
  • 3) Your webinar skills
  • 4) Your appointment to enrol skills
  • 5) Your ability to truly listen effectively, and
  • 6) Your course effectiveness

And it's likely that at some level, you need to improve each of these areas, yes?

Well in Fast Client Mastery, I help you do that.


  • >> The 5 ways to grow your coaching business

  • >> How to smash through your mental blocks

  • >> How to get more people to register for your webinar

  • >> The right mindset to take into each Appointment To Enrol if you want lots of sales

  • >> My own personal and proven email templates that you can use for your own profit to get more clients

  • >> How to increase the show-up rate to your webinar

  • >> How to make sure course content keeps your clients happy and staying in your program

  • And lots more…

You get monthly lessons that give you the edge.

You get LIVE demonstrations of me doing "Appointments To Enrol"

You get "behind the scenes" access to all my numbers and how you can match them in your business.

And I show you how to ensure your business hits between $500,000-$1,000,000 per year.


Truly, it's like nothing you've ever seen before. And if you enjoyed my Fast Client Formula training, then you know the quality you can expect.

And instead of paying $2,000 per month for access… if you are among the first few people this month to take advantage of this offer to continue receiving SUPPORT in Fast Client Formula at just $997 for 12-months, then it’s yours 100% FREE!

So I certainly hope you see incredible value in having me as your “marketing coach.” And I hope you grab the “ridiculously good deal” option while it lasts.

If so, grab it now and I’ll look forward to staying on your team.


Brett McFall


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