Fast Client Formula LIVE

I will buy you a $197 seat to my 4-hour...
 NO-PITCH ... LIVE-IN-PERSON seminar where I'll teach you how I built my $50,000 per month coaching business... working only 2 days a week... and attracting clients on autopilot.

Why am I doing this?

So that you don't have to make the same costly mistakes that I did.

In this one-of-a-kind 4-Hour LIVE Seminar (not a webinar), you'll be taught my Fast Client Formula - which means I'll show you step-by-step what I do in my business to generate $50,000 per month... working just 2-days per week... and attracting clients on auto-pilot.

And... not a single "guru" uses - let alone teaches - this system.

FROM: Brett McFall,  "The Unknown Coach" to over 5,000 students in 17-countries

Give me 4 hours LIVE-IN-SEMINAR and I'll teach you everything you need to know about how to have a thriving 1-to-many coaching business - and answer every single question you have.

PLUS: FIRST 30 ATTENDEES only walk away with:

$197 worth of Pre-Training...

step-by-step Blueprint... and

$197 recording of the event AND the slides too.

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 1pm 

HOUSTON, TX - Friday June 17



You'll learn step-by-step how I attract 10 high-ticket clients per month to my coaching business... working just 2-days per week (WITHOUT needing to do DAILY tweets, DAILY videos or DAILY posts of any kind)


You'll walk away with my 4-page "Blueprint" so that you can apply what you learn IMMEDIATELY


If you don't think my 4-hour coaching session is worth at least 50K to your business, I'll hand you $500 just for your trouble*


You'll receive my $197 Pre-Training before you even attend the event


You'll receive the
 videos of my LIVE
in-person training AND the presentation slides too

An important message for any coach or consultant (or anyone who wants to be one) who is struggling to get clients... or can’t charge what you’re worth... or is totally ‘over’ posting... commenting... linking... writing... or videoing - just to get your prospects to notice you.

If you haven’t yet experienced my LIVE 4-hour coaching session, then this may be the most important message you read this year.

Here’s why…

FROM: Brett McFall, Creator of the Fast Client Formula

Dear Friend,

Look, I know you're tired of all the promises that experts make.

I know you're sick of the strategies that don't work nearly as well as "they" say.

So many people are giving you advice today, that you feel it's almost impossible to know who to trust, right?

So with that in mind, I've created a 4-hour Coaching Session which I believe changes the industry forever.


Because instead of giving you options of what you could do, I instead just show you step-by-step what I do in my business to generate $50,000 per month... working only 2-days per week... and attracting clients on auto-pilot.

Yes, it really is true.

Literally every step laid out for you.

WHY am I happy to teach you all of this? I'll tell you exactly why in just a moment.

But there is NO hype. 

NO theory. 

And NO get-rich-quick blah blah.

Then I back it all up with an unheard-of $50,000 guarantee* - more about this in a moment too (but again, this is something which NO-ONE anywhere dares to offer).

And if you'll allow me to buy you a $197 ticket to my new training called "Fast Client Formula LIVE" then what it could mean for you is:

> NO more quiet months

> NO more confusing sales funnel 

> NO more "free reports" that no-one reads

> NO more webinars that don't sell

> NO more reducing your prices

> NO more having to compete with other companies

> NO more hearing the words "I'll think about it" from your prospects

> NO more emails that don't get read

> NO more cold-calling

> NO more "special" software

> NO more spending months on SEO... articles... or videos

> NO need to be a "celebrity" or "best-selling author"

> NO need for testimonials and case studies

> NO need for a big list of contacts

And here's the best part:

> It WORKS even if you're not a "star" copywriter or marketer

> It WORKS even if no-one has ever heard of you, and

> It WORKS even if you've tried other marketing methods before and FAILED


A revolutionary way that I sell my service at high price - AND in a way where 100% of my prospects value & respect me.


You don’t need to tweet more... post more... video more... write more... in order to “get yourself out there.”

That's why I'm the "Unknown Coach" - because I don't need to be doing all that in order to have a great business.

If you'd like to discover my Fast Client Formula for attracting high-ticket coaching clients... for the lowest budget... in the quickest time, then... just 4-hours I will show you exactly how it works.

ONE BIG PROMISE: This 4-hour Coaching Session will be worth at least $50,000 to you, 
and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $500 for your trouble.*

Why? Because you'll discover:

> How I attract high-ticket clients

> How I do it for a low, low advertising budget, and...

> How I make it happen really quickly (like within 48-hours) 

For the first time, come behind the scenes and discover my secret marketing and selling system.

What makes this event different?

Firstly, there's no sales pitch at this event - so leave your credit card at home. There is NO hidden agenda.

Second, you know how at most seminars you sit there… take notes… and hopefully you take home some ideas?

Well what makes this event different is that I hand you my actual Blueprint.

Not a bunch of ideas and concepts.

Instead, exactly what I do in my business every day to generate high-ticket clients... for the lowest budget... in the quickest time.

See, I've been lucky enough to coach over 5,000 people in 17 countries. 

So what I teach you isn't theory.

Which means, LIVE in the room you’ll get the exact system I use for attracting and keeping high-paying clients for 1-to-many coaching business.

And you’ll do it in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

This 4-hour Coaching Session will be worth at least $50,000 to you, 
and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $500 for your trouble.  
And there is NO-ONE anywhere who promises you this, right?*

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 1pm 

HOUSTON, TX - Friday June 17


What will you experience?

You'll discover how I get high-ticket clients within 48-hours of seeing my marketing.



Using 10 different social medias at once, you'll be using just one.


Writing advertising that is "creative," you'll enter the conversation that is already going on in your prospect's mind.


Trying to write the perfect headline, you'll be demonstrating how & why you are the better solution than your competition.


Trying to sell your product or service, you'll be helping your prospect to realise they need to change their path.


Leaving your prospects with a bad taste in their mouth, you'll be forming close and genuine relationships.

Better yet, you’ll learn how I write advertising that is different than what you've done before, and which pulls in warm-leads every single day to your business.

You'll learn the step-by-step system which makes all the difference to attracting high-ticket clients... for the lowest budget... in the quickest time.

You’ll discover what I do in order to have clients believe in me and happily invest between $3,000 and $10,000+ with my business within 48-hours of hearing about me.

Which means you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it as soon as you leave the room.

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 1pm 

HOUSTON, TX - Friday June 17


ONE BIG PROMISE: This training will be worth at least $50,000 to you, 
and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $500 for your trouble.*

How can you be sure it works?

Now, I have no idea what YOU can do with what I teach.

BUT... actual proof of the Fast Client Formula working is what you want to see, right? 

So here are some of my attendees - and some of my students too that have used my Fast Client Formula to sell their product or service at the high-ticket price they've always wanted - and ALL DONE SUPER QUICK. 

Craig Carr -

Tracy Secombe -

Beverley Unitt -

Have you ever seen results as FAST as this?

NOW again, I cannot promise you any results. I do not know you. I don't know your abilities. And for all I know you won't even apply what I teach.

But would you like to know HOW these people are getting their results?

I'll show you LIVE exactly how it's done at my 4-Hour Coaching Session.

ONE BIG PROMISE: This training will be worth at least $50,000 to you,
and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $500 for your trouble.*

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 1pm 

HOUSTON, TX - Friday June 17


Why attend and why is it so different?

Firstly, no-one has to listen to a sales pitch at this event. There is NO hidden agenda.

But second, because I hand you a system.

Not theory.

Not feel-good stories.

Not high-fives and dancing.

Just the step-by-step system for applying it as soon as you leave

You have literally never experienced an event... or a client-attraction system... like this before.

And to get you off to a great start, you'll receive 3 exclusive bonus gifts as soon as you register:

AND... To give you incredible value, I'd like to start training you
BEFORE we meet. Would that be okay?

So as soon as you register, I'll enrol you in my special online pre-training - a $197 value - MY GIFT TO YOU.  

And it starts tomorrow, so be sure to register right now so that you don't miss out

Over 3 days, I'll give you exclusive access to the 3 private classes below.

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Special PRE-TRAINING Gift #1 

How I Make
$50K Per Month

  • When you watch this special training you'll discover what I do to generate $50,000 per month and even higher. I have a secret way of doing things.

Special PRE-TRAINING Gift #2

How I Work Only 2-Days Per Week

  • Why work for 5 days, when you can do it in 2?  I have clients in 200 different niches and they can all do what I teach you in this video. Let me teach you this secret that will change your work-week forever.

Special PRE-TRAINING Gift #3

How I Have
Clients On Tap

  • Most coaches, consultants and experts find it HARD to et clients consistently.  And this threatens the long term future of your business.

  • So let me show you the simple secret I use to attract all the clients I need - saving me time, money and effort.

WHO is this 4-hour coaching session for?

It's for you if you are:

> Coach or trainer in any niche

> Consultant to any niche

> Influencer in any niche

> A speaker or expert on any topic

> Authors

> Or in some way, you are in charge of getting high-ticket customers into a business

ONE BIG PROMISE: This 4-hour Coaching Session will be worth at least $50,000 to you, 
and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $500 for your trouble.* 
NO-ONE anywhere promises you this.

How this 4-hour coaching session helps:

What does this event do for you?

> Teaches my simple, scalable marketing and conversion model that stops me from having to compete on price

> No more tweeting... videoing... posting EVER again

> No more sales funnels and low-ticket offers

> No more quiet periods in my business

> No more proposals - just prospects who are eager to become my client

> How I have warm leads come in on auto-pilot every week - so that I have predictability in my business

> How I create a powerful offer where clients chase me instead of me chasing them

> No need to have a best-selling book

> No need to have 100,000 followers

ONE BIG PROMISE: This 4-hour Coaching Session will be worth at least $50,000 to you, 
and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $500 for your trouble.*

"Brett, why don't I need to pay for a ticket?"

For a limited time I will BUY you a $197 seat to my event.

Why? Because we do not know each other yet. So I'm going to take the responsibility for starting off our relationship and pay for your seat. 

This way you have no reason NOT to attend.

Then maybe in the future sometime we may decide to do business together. Maybe. Maybe not.

Either way, I'm going to answer every question and show you my complete system.

And there's NO sales pitch at this event. There is NO hidden agenda.

This is a REAL $197 value. So please only take it if you seriously want to change your results.

Because when you arrive, I'm going to treat you like a paying client.

So bring your A-game and be ready to walk away with discoveries that will change your income forever.

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 1pm 

HOUSTON, TX - Friday June 17


SPECIAL GIFT! Starting tomorrow, you'll get access to my $197 3-Part PRE-TRAINING. 
So before we meet, you'll already be up to speed. But... you need to register now in order to get it.

Who is Brett McFall?

Brett has been growing businesses, while systemising and automating incomes for over 20 years.

He is the author of the 2 times Australian best-selling book “How to Make Money While You Sleep” and was also co-founder of the world’s biggest internet marketing seminar, World Internet Summit.

Brett teaches a very simple but unique system to take your business to a whole new level, and stop exchanging your time for money. Brett’s blueprint goes against many things you’ve been taught in “old school” models.

Brett says:
“In a month, we’ll generate only around 50 leads – we don’t need thousands… And because of the Fast Client Formula process we put them through, we can generate around $50,000 in revenue. And any coach or consultant can copy what I do.”

This system is exactly what Brett teaches his clients, resulting in massive decreases in their time spent on marketing, and massive increases in their sales revenue.

He believes after creating a predictable marketing system, that there is a shift that most business owners need to make.

“Once you stop focusing on what it is you offer, and really start focusing on the result you can help a client achieve, everything changes – most of all the amount you can charge.”

Brett is well known for his strategies and techniques and has spoken alongside Tony Robbins... Sir Richard Branson... Jim Rohn and Donald Trump.

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 1pm 

HOUSTON, TX - Friday June 17


PLUS! Starting tomorrow, you'll get access to my 3-part PRE-TRAINING valued at $197. 
So before we meet, you'll already be up to speed!